Union Budget 2014 – Education Sector AnalysisBy: Vijay Shukla

The Union Budget was presented by Hon?ble Shri Arun Jaitley on 10th July 2014. In general, it was lauded by economists and industry experts. However and unfortunately, the budget fell short on expectations for it?s approach on education sector. The education sector is in a critical stage with all-pervasive poor quality and is littered with challenges not just in school but also in Higher education. A new strategic approach needs to be taken to overhaul the education sector in India. The current budget only talked about doing more of the same and also has been populist in nature as it attempts to please a few communities (whether based on geography, profession, specialization or religion). The following pages have specific inputs of the budget and Eduvisors analysis in the following 4 sections: 1. School Education; 2. Higher Education; 3. Other initiatives (cutting across school and higher education); 4. Summary
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