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Making high-quality education accessible continues to challenge educators and administrators. The cost of education is rising, budgets are tighter, and regulations and security concerns are growing. IT Strategy and Implementation professionals from Eduvisors have the necessary knowledge and experience to help the educational community operate more efficiently, reduce costs, and serve their stakeholders more efficiently.

Through our deep understanding of best-of-breed K-12 and HigherEd solutions providers internationally, we not only are well-positioned to recommend the best solutions towards a digital campus but also work towards customizing them for the needs specific to the educational institutions in India. Our IT Strategy practice provides a wide array of digital campus services to our clients, ranging from strategy to operations improvement to project and program management of large systems integrations. Some of the solutions areas where we assist our client, are:

Alignment of IT to the Institute’s Strategy – “Doing the Right Things”

  • Communicate to all stakeholders with a common language
  • Show alignment of people, process, and technology to strategy
  • Change the perception of IT from a cost centre to a valued asset
  • Improve ability to address critical enterprise wide issues like security

Improved Planning and Reduced Complexity – “Doing Things Right”

  • Clear articulation of the current “as-is” state and the future “to-be” state
  • Alignment and prioritization of initiatives to move the organization to the future architecture
  • Reduced complexity in IT infrastructure
  • Maximum ROI in existing IT infrastructure
  • Increased portability of applications
  • Improved interoperability and easier system and network management
  • Easier upgrade and exchange of system components

Adoption of Disciplined Strategies – Enabling Faster, Simpler, and Less Expensive Technology Adoption

  • Buying decisions are simpler because the information governing procurement is readily available in a coherent plan
  • Procurement process is faster, maximizing procurement flexibility without sacrificing architectural coherence
  • New technology is easily integrated because it was aligned to the architecture before being invested in
  • Best practices governed by enterprise architecture simplify using technology to support strategy
  • Flexibility to make, buy, or outsource IT solutions
  • Reduced software development, support, and maintenance costs

Our understanding of a variety of K-12 and HigherEd education technology providers and strategic consulting expertise help strengthen learning communities around the world, from primary to secondary to tertiary education and beyond. We invite you to explore how our solutions can help you manage today’s priorities and build the foundation you need to create new possibilities tomorrow.

At Eduvisors we confront each challenge sans any preconceived notion; our solutions are based on facts rather than opinions.

Enterprise System Selection, Planning, and Integration

In the face of today’s economic challenges, education institutions are seeking more robust financial data to better understand institutional trends. As this information is revealed, educational institutions need to quickly develop and compare multiple “what-if” scenarios to model the financial impact of yesterday’s decisions, today’s challenges, and tomorrow’s opportunities.

What Sets Us Apart

At many institutions, the primary tool for budgeting and planning is either Microsoft Excel or certain basic standalone application packages like the traditional accounting system. These tools often require a significant amount of time for administrative and clerical activities, limiting the amount of time available to focus on more analytic, value-added activities. To address these challenges, many institutions have recently moved forward with the software selection and implementation of an enterprise budget and planning system. As a consulting partner, Eduvisors distinguishes itself through its understanding of the unique and complex operating conditions (culture challenges, business processes, etc.) of schools, colleges and universities. The ability to effectively manage the complexity of accounting in an educational institution in India is a critical factor in the evaluation and implementation of the software.

A Comprehensive Approach. Eduvisors has experience with the entire life-cycle of enterprise budget and planning system implementations (i.e., product selection, design, implementation, testing, and training) and can utilize this expertise to help support institutions as they plan and implement new systems.

Business Process Redesign/Budget Model Evaluation The implementation of enterprise systems provides an excellent opportunity to examine and improve both institutional and departmental planning, budgeting, and financial reporting processes and models. Documentation of current business processes and rules is critical for determining the best business processes and budget model to meet the institution’s needs.

Requirement Gathering and Software Selection. Institutional acceptance of enterprise systems is often impacted by the organization’s degree of engagement in the requirements definition and vendor selection processes. Eduvisors works with clients to conduct detailed requirement gathering sessions and draft insightful requests for proposals, and assist in vendor selection.

System Implementation. Implementing a system will raise both strategic and operational questions about how to functionalize policy and system requirements. Eduvisors works closely with clients to solicit user feedback on design requirements, identify potential solutions, understand the performance impact of different configuration options, and drive toward decisions.

Additionally, Eduvisors plays a critical role in project management to control and monitor the interaction and dependency of scope, time, and resources. We work collaboratively to assist with change management, user acceptance testing, and training. Whether your institution is planning for or implementing a new budget and planning system, Eduvisors’ relevant experience can add value to the project.

Unmatched Experience

We are a premier provider of strategic services to higher education institutions. Eduvisors has consulted with many educational institutions to redesign processes, select planning software, and implement enterprise-wide systems. Eduvisors also has experience working closely with partners who can assist in the technical configuration and programming aspects of a system implementation.

Client: A leading chain of K-12 CBSE Schools

Project Scope: The School Management “needed improvement” and manual, paper-based processes provided no insight into curriculum-planning, success, assessment or quality.

Project Summary: Eduvisors was engaged to identify a package which goes beyond automation of school administration processes and is designed to allow K-12 educators to develop and share a comprehensive, standards-based curriculum using tools such as curriculum mapping and curriculum assessments. By sharing ideas, teachers and administrators can easily review, revise and renew their ideas across the chain of schools. Some of the benefits of implementing the identified package were:

  • Deliver consistent curriculum across all the schools in the group/chain
  • Gain insight into curriculum and student performance at a central level
  • Standardized curriculum development across all schools
  • Ability to increase the number of schools without proportionately increasing the headcount
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