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As a leading consulting firm in Education sector, Eduvisors has conducted extensive research demonstrating that alliances are becoming pervasive in the very fabric of how education services are delivered to the end-customer, the student. Importance of Joint Ventures (JV), alliances and global partnerships will continue to grow in value, impact and influence.

Among our findings, institutions that are best in managing global alliances across the spectrum of education delivery – curriculum, pedagogy, faculty development and cross-cultural education – are creating innovative models that are relevant to the consumers and are difficult to emulate by their competitors.

At Eduvisors, we combine our industry expertise in Education with our functional expertise in alliances to establish cross border joint ventures and partnerships. A typical assignment in this practice follows the following approach:

I. Opportunity Identification

We identify the right business model for the proposed joint venture. This involves identification of gaps in the market place and forecast trends in the Education sector.

II. Joint Venture Partner Search

Eduvisors conducts a global search of right Joint Venture partner for its clients. This stage includes:

  • To examine the business strengths of potential Joint Venture partners;
  • To identify complementary skills; and
  • To evaluate synergies.

III. Business Planning, Negotiation and Agreement

Eduvisors assists its clients to get Joint Venture partners to discuss the identified opportunity in detail. Eduvisors also assists in planning the business for the concerned parties to enable informed decisions. In addition, Eduvisors engages the parties to negotiate a win-win agreement. This stage includes:

  • Business/opportunity assessment;
  • Due diligence; and
  • Final and definitive agreements.

IV. Legal Procedures and Necessary Regulatory Approvals

At this stage, Eduvisors role is be to ensure compliance with all regulatory requirement for the Joint Venture business and to obtain all government regulatory approvals required for the Joint Venture to be operational.

At Eduvisors we confront each challenge sans any preconceived notion; our solutions are based on facts rather than opinions.

With an experience working in every sub-segment of formal and non-formal education in India, we are strategically placed to advise and implement expansion strategies through franchisee development and support services. Our services range franchisor processes to franchisee support for national education businesses.

According to a leading journal, The Chronicle of Higher Education, today almost every international university that can afford official letterhead seems to have a global strategy. Although such strategies differ widely, one common element in many is an interest in establishing a branch campus in another part of the world.

But it is neither low-cost nor easy to do so. Also, a significant number of branch campuses are in trouble, with some even shutting down. The Chronicle proposes that university leaders need to consider an alternative to branch campuses: partnerships with overseas institutions and this is where Eduvisors assists Indian and International universities partner with each other.

While each assignment is customized, our services follow a standard framework:

Client: Indian private university

Project Scope: Strategic partnership on program and curriculum development

Outcome: We were retained by our client to find them a suitable overseas university as a partner that could provide inputs related to academic delivery and curriculum development. In addition, the requirement was to forge the partnership with a top university. We were able to successfully forge the partnership with a leading university from Europe.


Client: Real Estate community development company

Project Scope: Establishing strategic long term (50 years) partnership with a top K-12 European school

Outcome: We were engaged by our client, a top township developer in India, to invite a leading K-12 school from Europe or the US. We designed and managed the bidding process and concluded definitive agreements between a top K12 school in Europe and our client.


Client: A leading private university

Project Scope: Establish curriculum and branding partnership with a leading business school focused on Entrepreneurship

Outcome: We helped our client with one of the most reputed entrepreneurship education institutions in the world. The partnership entailed launch of a centre of entrepreneurship and joint delivery of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in entrepreneurship

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