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If one has to look for certain key characteristics in India’s largest sector – Education – they will be over-regulated, under-governed, huge potential, complex pattern, high involvement sector. In a failed public education system, aspirations of a large number of people are not being met and hence a vast sea of people are turning towards private education. Not surprisingly, the customers of education services are paying a significant percent of monthly household income and denouncing practically free access to poor public education. Ironically, the enormous potential (estimated private spend of US$100bn) is sub-optimally utilized! The ‘not-for-profit’ nature of the $100bn formal education has discouraged for-profit private participation while inability to transform education into a ‘process-driven’ model curtails scalability in non-formal education ($10bn).

As a result, success for private players in education rests on 4Is – players with Intellect (management intent & ability), Investment (built to last), Innovation (to ‘manage’ the overregulated environment) and Independence (to differentiate and build annuity).

Formal Education

       Private – Indian and Intl. Boards
       Affordable Private Schools
   Higher Education
   ASC – Arts, Science, Commerce

Non Formal

   Skill development
       Vocational training
       Finishing schools
       Teacher Training
   Process Automation / IT / ICT
   Learning / Teaching tools (Multimedia in Classrooms)
   Learning/Teaching tools
   Test Preparation
   Tutoring (Classroom and Online)

K-12 and HigherEd Institutions in the formal segment are required to be run as not-for-profit institutes set-up under a Trust / Society / Section 25 company; though 100% FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) is allowed through automatic route (no approval, only intimation is required), foreign universities are not recognized by the UGC (University Grants Commission).

In this quagmire of dreary regulations and other complex local dynamics, understanding the Indian market landscape is one of the most important prerequisites in strategic decision-making for international Education players evaluating India as a market. More often than not, the key to competing and outperforming competitors lies in a better and clearer understanding of the key growth areas and market trends, in both, formal and non-formal segments.

Eduvisors integrates its industry expertise with market research experience to assist our international clients in identifying their market entry strategy through its planning and implementation services.

At Eduvisors we confront each challenge sans any preconceived notion; our solutions are based on facts rather than opinions.

Eduvisors provides fast and cost-effective planning services. Backed by practical experience and knowledge on the ground, we come up with innovative solutions which not only answer relevant questions on the competition, regulatory barriers, pricing and distribution channels, but also provide our clients with qualified business leads and partners.

  • Identify potential customers and business leads (through primary in-depth field interviews)
  • Detail the regulatory requirement in the new market
  • List the competition in the market through detailed competitor’s analysis
  • Discover and recommend alternative sales & distribution channels
  • Identify possible partners
  • Conduct location analysis
  • Arrange client visits for early stage validation

After early stage exploration, our rigorous market studies help to support India strategy development by providing valuable insights on:

  • Industry analysis – the present state and future prospects
  • Market segments, size and growth potential
  • Target market analysis
  • Competitive landscape – customers, competitors, suppliers
  • Customer segmentation analysis
  • Demand driver dynamics and their implications
  • Service and product differentiation
  • Selecting a new business model for market entry
  • Industry regulation and taxation
  • Analysis of market entry options, such as greenfield projects, acquisitions, joint ventures or partnerships with local players
  • Estimates on investments and returns
  • Development of detailed implementation plans based on selected options

After early stage exploration and detailed planning and the necessary approvals, we initiate on-the-ground implementation. And for a successful implementation, one needs a local partner who is equipped with an in-depth knowledge of the market and this is where, Eduvisors helps our international clients with:

  • Incorporation of the Indian entity
  • Commence acquisition or set-up Greenfield facility
  • Seeking the required regulatory approvals from Central and State Government Bodies and other regulatory bodies
  • Selecting and acquiring a suitable site in case of Greenfield operations
  • Building the senior leadership team

With years of experience in Education sector in India, Eduvisors has served scores of clients across the globe. Our professionals have helped many global education organizations leverage the India advantage and assisted them in successful implementation of strategies and thus, reduce entry risks and shrink the gestation time for profitability.

Client and Scope: A leading psychometric testing and assessments firm.

Project Summary: Detailed feasibility study, followed by planning and establishing a joint venture.

Outcome: Hiring of senior leadership team and assistance in business development


Client and Scope: A leading European University looking to explore collaborative R & D projects with leading Indian Universities/ Research Institutions.

Project Summary: undertook detailed primary research with top 50 Indian Universities/Research Institutions to assess the ‘real’ potential for collaborative R & D projects with leading Indian Universities/Research Institutions.

Outcome: A 40 member team from the University visited India and made several collaborations with target Indian Universities/research institutions.

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