National Education Policy 2020By: Eduvisors Research Team

The Union Cabinet has approved the new National Education Policy (NEP), 2020 with an aim to introduce several changes in the Indian education system - from the school to college level. The framework provided by the policy suggests sweeping changes that are set to align the Indian education ecosystem with global standards and is based on guiding principles of (i) Equity & Inclusion (ii) Community Participation (iii) Use of Technology (iv) Conceptual Understanding (v) Critical Thinking (vi) Diversity & Local Context The Policy provides for reforms at all levels of education from school to higher education. It seeks to increase the focus on early childhood care, reform the current exam system, strengthen teacher training, and restructure the education regulatory framework. It also seeks to set up a National Education Commission, increase public investment in education, strengthen the use of technology and increase focus on vocational and adult education, among others. This monograph presents a comparative study between the prevalent state of education in the country and the reforms that the renewed policy shall bring.
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