International Boards of K-12 School Education in IndiaBy: Eduvisors Research Team

With the increasing global exposure and propensity to spend, parents are looking out for the best resources for educating their children. Students also look forward to admissions in international universities, followed by global job opportunities. This provides an excellent opportunity for private players in India to set up schools with international curricula. International Boards expose students to world class curriculum and practices and lay a foundation for higher education abroad. They have a flexible structure and have a more practical and application based approach as compared to the Indian education Boards. Apart from focus on infrastructure and ICT learning, these Boards also emphasise on professional development of faculty. Via this monograph, we have analyzed and presented the International Boards in India, viz., International Baccalaureate (IB) and Cambridge International Examination (CIE). We have discussed in detail the programmes at various age groups and the essentials to set up an international school. Salient features of an international school have been framed by analyzing the existing international schools in India. International Boards have been compared with the Indian education Boards, CBSE and CISCE, on different parameters for a complete understanding.
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