Higher Order Thinking Skills Learning Landscape in IndiaBy: Eduvisors Research Team

First developed in the 1950s, Bloom’s Taxonomy is widely recognized by educators today. In this framework, skills are thought to build upon each other, starting with the most basic skills (recall and comprehension), progressing through more complex skills (application and analysis), and culminating with higher-order thinking skills such as synthesis, evaluation and creation which are referred to as Higher Order Thinking Skills. The Higher Order Thinking Skills learning market in India is very fragmented and is still evolving. Education sector in India has started recognizing the need for meaningful learning rather than rote learning method which has lead to focusing on developing thinking skills by puzzle based, game based, problem based and play based learning pedagogies which further lead to increasing demand for learning Higher Order Thinking Skills. In this monograph, an outline of Higher Order Thinking Skills learning has been presented that examines the potential, competitiveness and product offerings within Indian market.
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