Global University Rankings and Indian ScenarioBy: Eduvisors Research Team

It is sad to share that India, with all its glorious past and current growing stature in the world, does not have even a single university that is regarded as being among the world's most prestigious. India?s poor performance in world university ranking has been consistent for several years - just four institutions from India made it in the top 400 and NONE in the top 200 in the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Ranking for 2014-15. It maybe noted that there are over 700 universities in India. Excellent universities are crucial for the success of nations - helping retain top talent in the country (thereby, prevent brain drain), attract investment, develop highly skilled future leaders and create new knowledge and drive the knowledge economy. There are several global university ranking surveys conducted annually. Most of them are witness to debates and questions ranging from their ?relevance? to ?methodology? or even ?validity? of the surveys. Via this monograph, we have analyzed and presented the major factors considered in university rankings so that the universities can sharpen their strategy and focus their efforts.
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