Education and Training Courses on IT Security in IndiaBy: Eduvisors Research Team

India is seen as a preferred outsourcing destination globally and key global brands such as Apple, Sapient, Citi Bank, etc., have set their global delivery centers, shared services & support services in India. According to industry estimates, the increasing incidents of cyber-attacks and data protection efforts globally, would create USD 35 Billion revenue opportunity and would provide employment for about a million professionals in India by 2025. With this background, the monograph covers landscape of Education and Training Courses on IT Security in India In this monograph, we have given an overview of IT Security in India comprising key drivers of growth & opportunities and major challenges in India Further, we have researched the major domains, specialty areas and work roles on the basis of which training courses in India and around the world are designed. Next, we have compared the content of training courses and their prices offered by top companies in India.
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